Serials3:China Semiconductor Hero Biography

China Semiconductor Hero Biography

04 With the development of solid foundation and open source, people who are light in money and heavy in value can keep the same

In addition to the core CIS business. Weil’s semiconductor distribution has a stable annual revenue of 2 billion to 3 billion. Which is very mature. At the same time, Weil has taken many investment expansion measures, actively open source. And coordinated development of multiple product lines.

Semiconductor Technology

In terms of TVS, MOSFET and other businesses of discrete devices, Weir has a long-term technical reserve for device structure and process flow. And has mastered multiple core patent technologies such as:

multi-mode multi frequency power amplifier technology

SOI switch technology

Trench (deep groove) technology

multi-layer epitaxy technology

back thinning technology

chip flip technology

Weir is at the leading level in the industry, and has developed Diode Various types of low capacitance electrostatic protection chips, including NPN and SCR, are the first to introduce a dual N lithium battery protection MOSFET with ultra-low impedance of 1mohm and CSP packaging in China.

In terms of power management chip business. Weir can start the technology localization mode from the design source. After repeated PDCA cycle development system. Weir has form the company’s core technology and obtained patent protection.

Weir is the lead in developing high-frequency, high inhibition ratio LDO, miniaturized OVP chips with anti surge capability above 300V, etc.

In China, leading the domestic technology development and achieving a certain degree of domestic substitution.

Weir Develop

In April 2020, Weir acquired TDDI business based in Asia from Synaptics Incorporated. That is, single chip LCD touch and display driver integrated chip.

Its terminal markets are mainly smart phones, tablets and other fields, with steady growth in demand. Weir is expected to increase TDDI market share through the group’s supply chain integration and sales channel advantages.

Weir Acquisition

In January 2021, Weir completed the acquisition of 65.77% of the equity of Giddes, which focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of TDDI and DDIC products in the aftermarket, and is the first design company to develop flexible AMOLED, AR and related intelligent device display master chips in China. The acquisition enabled Weir to open the whole channel of sensor touch display.

It can be seen that Weir is keen on the growth mode of epitaxial M&A, and also actively participates in other smaller and earlier projects. It established Weihao Chuangxin jointly with Yiwu State owned Assets Management Company and well-known master fund, focusing on equity investment in high-quality enterprises in the pan semiconductor field.

Weir Cooperation

Weihao Chuangxin’s investment projects include but are not limited to the A-round of Aixin Technology:

A leading investor in AI visual chip research and development and basic computing platform company;

Led the investment to focus on the round A financing of the Nintendo Ruixin Neuromimetic Sensory Memory Computing Integrated Chip;

Invest in the round C financing of the world’s leading neuromimetic vision solution enterprise, Profes;

The A-round financing of Suzhou New Light Medical Technology Co., Ltd. Which follows the focus on endoscopic optical imaging and image processing of the High Altitude Battle;

Invest in the intelligent driving business of Horizon and carry out strategic cooperation.


As a semiconductor company, having strong R&D innovation ability and talent gathering and training ability is an important guarantee to maintain technological competitive advantage. The R&D expenditure rate of Weir has been stable at 8% – 10% since 18 years, but due to the large volume of revenue and rapid expansion, the R&D expenditure still shows a rapid upward trend of nearly 50%. In 2020, the R&D amount of 1.7 billion exceeded most of the industry enterprises. The technology R&D departments of Weir’s product lines are also the core departments in the company’s organizational structure.

It has also become a high-tech enterprise. In Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center, an integrated circuit design enterprise within the national planning layout, a key integrated circuit design enterprise within the Shanghai planning layout, a pilot demonstration unit for patent work in Shanghai, etc. It is also the current member of the 5th Council of Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association.

In 2020, Weir’s R&D personnel totaled 1644, accounting for 49.95% of the total number of employees. Among its employees, 35.55% had master’s degree or above, 38.62% had bachelor’s degree, and only 25.83% had less than bachelor’s degree.

Secondly, Weir is not stingy in equity incentive.

China Semiconductor Hero

From the young Yu Renrong’s alternative learning bully to the middle-aged Yu Renrong’s generous donation of family and country feelings. He from doing a good job in the distribution business to consolidating the supply chain relationship to purchasing Howei’s wild growth. And from making efforts to improve the product line coordination to cherishing and sharing the happiness of R&D talents.

Weir’s history books engrave with the duty of a bright moon and a clear breeze. The natural and unrestrained attitude of a person who values money and values people, and the lofty feelings of a person who is not loyal to others.

The semiconductor Jianghu has a long history. Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.

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