The rising tide of shortage of more than ten chip manufacturers continues(一)

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The rising tide of shortage of more than ten chip manufacturers continues(一)

Replacement of professional components

Texas Instruments (TI)

▲ For the above chip shortage phenomenon from October 1, the simulated IC price has increased by 15%.

Judging from the previous price increase letters, ADI plans to raise the price of some products of the company and its Maxim company again. It will implemente the price increase measures  from December 5, 2021. For Maxim products that are not included in the scope of this “price increase”. And it will continue to implemente the price increase of 6% previously communicated .

According to IC Sights data, in 2019, ADI was the second largest analog chip manufacturers in the world. Second only to Texas Instruments (TI). Before that, Texas Instruments (TI) has announced price adjustment: from October 1, the price of analog IC has increased by 15%.

For the above chip shortage phenomenon, Texas Instruments also announced last month that the new 12-inch factory will start construction next year and be put into operation before 2025.

Adeno Semiconductor (ADI)

▲ For the above chip shortage phenomenon the whole series of products will increase by 6% since December 1

Recently, the market of ADI continues to be hot, and the price of products is also rising. The demand is mainly concentrated in server and automobile products. The price of general model products is relatively stable because of a small amount of goods arrived from the original factory last month. In addition, ADI announced that the price of the whole series will increase by 6% from December 1. According to insiders, by 2022, ADI may announce a new round of price increase, which is expected to be more than 10%. It is expected that the market will be in a state of price inflation at that time. At present, the demand for ADI has increased significantly. The delivery time of some materials has been more than 90 weeks, and the subsequent prices are also rising。

In addition, Meixin, the brand of ADI, will also announce the price increase according to the requirements of the headquarters. It is expected to issue the price increase letter in February and March next year. The specific increase is unknown. At this stage, the delivery time of Meixin’s general material products is about 26 weeks, and the delivery time of products with special material numbers is basically more than 40 weeks。


▲ For the above chip shortage phenomenon Increase Bluetooth products on December 31

In terms of Qualcomm, Netcom chips are still in serious shortage, and the AR8031, AR8033 and AR8035 series are in short supply. It is expected that the original factory will produce fewer products next year, and some models will be discontinued. This month’s popular shortage model AR8031, the spot price has been increased to more than 1200 yuan, and the subsequent original factory has no output temporarily, and the shortage cannot be relieved in the short term。

In addition, Qualcomm recently announced that it would raise the price of its Bluetooth products for the second time from December 31. Among them QCC51XX series will increase by 17%; QCC30XX series by 6%; CSR8670/CSR8675 by 21%; CSR8811 series by 15%, and CSR8615/CSR8635 by 13%。



▲ For the above chip shortage phenomenon place orders at least one year in advance

In terms of Infineon, the market is still in serious shortage, and the delivery date of Infineon products has not been relieved until now, mainly focusing on Mosfet and switch chips. Some agents have reported that the end customers need to place orders at least one year in advance。

At present, Infineon MOS products are basically distributed. The delivery date of low-voltage MOS is 42-52 weeks, the delivery date of high-voltage MOS is 36-52 weeks. The delivery date of IGBT materials is 39-50 weeks, and the delivery date of car-related chips is 45-52 weeks. It is gratifying that although the delivery time of the original factory is long at this stage, the scarce materials have also been delivered in succession. However, the original factory also mentioned recently that the automobile chips such as IGBT will be more scarce next year。

On the whole, the strong demand for semiconductors remains unchanged. And the persistent global core chip shortage has not been fundamentally alleviated in Q4 this year. From the supply of MCU and auto chips, as the major auto factories gradually resume production capacity in the second half of this year. The two chips that bear the brunt of the core shortage tide at the end of 2020 have a trend of further core shortage。



▲ For the above chip shortage phenomenon the gap between high-end products and vehicle specification chips is large

Since the price of ST products fell back, most spot traders have been selling. But this month there has been a slight rebound. For example, the price of STM8S003F3P6TR and STM32F103VCT6 increased slightly. It is worth noting that the market price of ST’s brake system chip shortage has soared recently. As well as other automotive chips have also risen. Moreover, there is still a large gap between high-end products and car specification chips. Also the delivery time is still very long。

In addition, the original ST factory is expected to readjust its capacity after December 25. And the orders of small customers are expected to be included in the production plan. And the capacity will also improve. The original owned wafer factory has also put into production of STM8S003, 005 and STM32GXXX series. But the use of TSMC wafer series, such as STM32LXXX series and vehicle specification level. Twill still be in short supply in the first half of next year.


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