MUC replacement

MUC replacement 1

MUC replacement original 1

MUC replacement original 2

B374 (JY Internal Order PN) is an improved version of B292 (JY Internal Order PN).

master chip

When B292 is purchasing master chip MCU : STM32F105V8T6, brand ST. This master chip belongs to STM32F105V8 series. Due to the market situation at that time, this MCU is favored by many customers, resulting in the market is out of stock.

From last year to this year, the ST factory was affected by the epidemic, and the production efficiency was greatly reduced. The delivery time even reached 52 weeks. In order to help customers succeed, we finally found the replacement series of this master chip, respectively STM32F105VB series and STM32F105VC series.

They and the original model are pin-to-PIN replacement, the surrounding circuit design is the same, the only difference is the original model STM32F105V8T6 program storage space for 64KB, STM32F105VB series program storage space for 128KB, STM32F105VC series program storage space for 256KB.

After market search, STM32F105VC series STM32F105VCT6 is available. In addition, the program storage space suggested by our company to the customer is much larger than the program storage space of the customer’s prototype. After function confirmation, the customer finally approved.

MUC replacement 1

MUC replacement 2




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