Power Module Alternatives

48V to 12V before replacement

Power Module Alternatives


Original24V to 12V before replacement  48V to 12V before replacement

                            Original                                             24V to 12V before replacement            48V to 12V before replacement          


The Russian customer has two projects with high single frequency, which respectively use the 48V to 12V power module and the 24V to 12V power module.

The models are SDM30-48S12 and SDM30-24S12. The material brand is MEAN WELL. The two projects are the same except for this module.

These two models of power modules are very large in volume and heavy in weight, and they are not commonly used materials.

Therefore, it is very difficult to contact the original factory for ordering. One is the price and the other is the delivery date. The delivery time can be as long as 2-3 months.


after replacement            Schematic after replacement

completely replaced

In view of this situation, we communicated with domestic manufacturers to try to find materials that can be completely replaced, so as to reduce customer costs and reduce project delivery time.

After continuous search, we found a model that can completely replace the function, and can solve the problem that two boards need to be made respectively when the input voltage of two projects of the customer is different but the output voltage is the same.

After the replacement of the material, the input voltage range will cover 24V to 48V, can meet customer requirements. The domestic alternative model is FD30-36S12B3C (18-72V), whose input voltage is between 18V-72V, and can stably output 12V voltage.

The price and delivery time are twice the advantages of the original model, and the module pin position is exactly the same as the original model, but the volume is smaller and the weight is lighter, so there is no need to increase the cost of modifying the substrate design.

After the test, it was confirmed that there was no problem with the replacement, the two projects in the future were combined into one project, which was convenient for customers and production differentiation.

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