What are the chips in the six major fields of automobiles?


What are the chips in the six major fields of automobiles? (Domestic VS Foreign)



CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC chips are the “brains” of smart cars. GPUs, FPGAs, and ASICs have their own strengths in the field of autonomous driving AI computing.

The CPU in the traditional sense is usually the control center on the chip. Therefore, for AI high-performance computing, people usually use GPU/FPGA/ASIC for enhancement.


Power chips are the “heart” of smart cars.

Whether it is in the engine, transmission control and braking in the drive system, or steering control, power chips are inseparable.


Camera CMOS is the “eye” of a smart car.

CMOS image sensors and CCDs (charge-coupled components) have a common historical origin, but the price of CMOS is 15%-25% lower than that of CCDs. At the same time, CMOS chips can be integrated with other silicon-based components to reduce system costs. In terms of quantity, about 18 cameras are needed for assisted driving above L3, such as reversing rear view, surround view, forward view, and turning blind spot.

The RF receiver is the “ear” of the smart car.

Radio frequency devices are important components of wireless communication. Radio frequency is an electromagnetic frequency that can be radiated into space

The frequency range is between 300KHz and 300GHz. A radio frequency chip refers to a chip that can convert radio frequency signals to digital signals, including power amplifier PA, filter, low noise amplifier LNA, antenna switch, duplexer, tuner, etc.

In the future, the radio frequency chip will help the development of C-V2X technology like the ear of a car, organically linking transportation participation elements such as “people-vehicle-road-cloud”, making up for the lack of bicycle intelligence and promoting the development of collaborative application services .

Ultrasonic/millimeter wave radar is the “cane” of smart cars.

Smart cars obtain a lot of data through sensors, and L5-level cars will carry more than 20 sensors. Vehicle radar mainly includes ultrasonic radar, millimeter wave radar and lidar. Among them, China’s ultrasonic radar has relatively mature development, and the technical barriers are not high; millimeter-wave radar has high technical barriers and is an important sensor for smart cars, and is currently in a stage of rapid development; lidar has high technical barriers and is a high-level autonomous driving. It is an important sensor, but it is currently expensive, difficult to pass, and difficult to land.

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