About Qiuming electronics

Dalian QiuMing Electronics Co., Ltd., is build in 2019, which mainly provides multi variety and small batch order distribution services for small and medium-sized electronic enterprises.

Our company has a sound supplier management system.

All materials have been tested by QC personnel with many years of industry experience to ensure that the components are original and authentic and traceable.

Over the years, we supplied to many PCBA factories, which has Serious shortage of components.

With the advantages of customized ERP system, professional technical support, self owned warehouse with constant temperature and humidity and standing spot inventory, in view of the shortage and price rise of components in the past two years, our company has specially equipped a technical team to find alternatives, modify the design and verify the functions for you.?

Your exclusive team will serve you 24 hours a day.

Welcome your inquiry very much!

Meet our team



18 years experience in circuit design

1. Main chip abroad: St
Domestic: Gd, SCM, STC, Xintang.
Proficient in use and can be replaced with each other.

2 Replacement of temperature and humidity sensor

3 Replacement of Bluetooth module and WiFi module

4 Rower chip

5 Charging management chip

6 Memory chip

7 Optocoupler and relay



11 years experience in circuit design

ADI technical support, mainly replacing power management chip and power chip



8 years experience in circuit design

1. Main chip: foreign st, domestic GD

2 Temperature and humidity sensor replacement

3 Power chip

4 Charging management chip

5 Communication chip: RS232 RS485 can

6 Memory chip

7 LED, LCD, motor driver chip

8 Optocoupler and relay