The rising tide of shortage of more than ten chip manufacturers continues(二)

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The rising tide of shortage of more than ten chip manufacturers continues(二)


For the above chip shortage phenomenon Issue an announcement to warn the first wave of shortage

Recently, NXP original factory issued a warning notice to customers, reminding them to hurry up the stock preparation in Q4 to meet the shortage wave in Q1, 2022. At present, there has been a large gap in the supply of MK series, and the order scheduling of most customers has been extended to 2023. The partial delivery time of MPU, MCU and clock chip is up to 78 weeks. KEAN series has been seriously out of stock since Q3. The average delivery time given by NXP is about 52 weeks, and some materials have not even been delivered。

In addition, it is ease the NXP car gauge chip in the past period. So many customers are in a wait-and-see state. However, at present, the actual arrival quantity of the original factory is not as much as expected. For some shortage of automotive chips, They implemente a distribution system of the original factory , and the warehouse inventory of all agents also needs to be approved by the original factory for deployment and shipment。


For the above chip shortage phenomenon Delivery time up to 80 weeks

Since Q4, the market demand of Ansemy has increased significantly. It’s mainly in logic IC, Mosfet and image sensor. Among them, the demand for 74-series logic IC has increased significantly. Due to capacity constraints, the current delivery time of Ansemy products is 30-50 weeks. And some products are even as long as 80 weeks。

Due to the recent surge in demand for medium and high voltage MOS tubes, the market price has been rising all the way. In addition, many factories have shifted their production capacity to vehicle gauge products, resulting in almost no delivery of low voltage MOS tubes, and some delivery dates have exceeded 50 weeks. In addition, there was news recently that Ansemy would adjust the order window again, and the orders for some materials could not be cancelled. It can be seen that the shortage of Ansemy will last for a long time。

It is worth noting that as the demand for intelligent driving of new energy vehicles continues to explode, there is also a large shortage of Ansemy image sensors, and the price is rising again and again. NTD, NCP and NCV series are in short supply. It is expected that the shortage will continue until Q2 next year。


For the above chip shortage phenomenon Product delivery extension

It is reported that Microchip (US microchip) recently negotiated with TSMC on the planned capacity of wafer. The tension of capacity will lead to the extension of product delivery time. Most of Microchip’s products may be out of stock for a long time. The good news is that the price of Microchip’s SMSC series has fallen back, such as USB2514BI, 2514B, KSZ9031, KSZ8081, USB2517, LAN8710, and LAN8720. These materials that were particularly short of stock in the past few months have gradually eased. Many goods have arrived one after another, but the price is still at the middle and high level。


For the above chip shortage phenomenon Increase the whole line by 10% in January next year

On the part of Resa, it was announced recently that the price of the whole line of products would be increased by 10% from January 1, 2022. The increased products include the newly acquired Dialog products of Resa. The reason for the price increase is mainly due to the capacity constraints of front-end (wafer), back-end, testing and packaging, and raw materials, resulting in a significant increase in costs for suppliers. It is worth noting that some of the old models of large electric products will be discontinued, and the production capacity will be transferred to the vehicle specification IC 。


For the above chip shortage phenomenon The price will rise again in January next year

TOSHIBA (Toshiba) recently announced that due to the rising prices of raw materials, logistics and other supply chains, the pressure on the company’s profits is increasing, and Toshiba Electronics has been unable to absorb the cost itself, so it has decided to officially increase the price from January 1, 2022. The specific price increase has not yet been announced。


For the above chip shortage phenomenon Increase by 20% since October this year

Broadcom, up more than 20% since October。


For the above chip shortage phenomenon Delivery period extended to 40-50 weeks

In terms of DIODES, they extend to 40-50 weeks about the delivery date of DIODES original products . DIODES said that in addition to the shortage of wafers, the capacity of the original factory was also very tight, because it is allocate to automotive and power management products, that most of the capacity of the original factory , which also indirectly led to the failure of normal supply of products with low unit price such as discrete devices。



For the above chip shortage phenomenon 6/7 series is seriously out of stock

At present, the material shortage of XILINX 6/7 series is very serious. And this series has been commissioned by Samsung before. However, due to the conflict in the recent cooperation negotiation between Samsung and Selenth. That selenth has been unable to obtain the production line capacity for this series. It is expected that the shortage of this series will continue for a period of time.

The demand for the FPGA and CPLD products of Sirens has exploded, and the overseas market is even more popular. The quotation has generally increased from tens of US dollars to hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of US dollars.


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